It is a commentary on the mindset we have been driven to that people are rejoicing that the Prime Minister and Irish Taioseach may have found a way to an EU deal. Let’s see, but if it happens, it means we are leaving our European family which 48% of us voted against

I don’t want to bang on about Brexit too much this week as it is so profoundly depressing. However, Dominic Cummings did scrape a new low when he threatened defence cooperation with EU countries that obstructed us leaving with no deal.

We have 800 troops in Estonia. That country might take the quite reasonable view that a no deal Brexit harmed it and us. If it does, we are going to ditch security cooperation. Where will that leave our troops defending us against a threat from Russia? Clearly Cummings sees the EU 27 as more of a threat than Putin.

It is reported that Johnson will get around the Benn Act by sending two letters. One will ask for an extension, the other will say the real government view is we don’t want one. The courts must strike that down, ruling it frustrates the purpose of the law and confirm the official position is to ask for more time.

If we get an extension what on earth is Labour’s position? Corbyn says next will be a General Election whilst one of his shadow treasury ministers claims it’s a people’s vote first.


In the post Brexit world Johnson is putting heavy reliance on the United States. Is that the country that’s refusing to send back a diplomat’s wife to face potential charges of causing death by dangerous driving?

Is that the country whose President has just destabilised Syria again and betrayed the Kurds who fought so gallantly on behalf of us all to defeat Daiesh. It’s nothing new for the Kurds. 100 years ago, they were promised a state by Britain and we let them down.


The Chorley MP Sir Lindsay Hoyle should be the next Speaker. He has been a dutiful deputy to the flamboyant John Bercow and now deserves the top job.

He is easy to get on with, an essential quality for a Speaker.

The biggest question MPs will be asking about Hoyle is whether he will be strong enough to stand up to the government. Bercow has many failings, but he has been courageous in defending the rights of MPs, summoning ministers on a daily basis to answer urgent matters.

I think Hoyle is capable of this, but he has big shoes to step into.

Bercow’s Speakership has been one of the most remarkable in its long history. Against his championing of the backbencher has to be put his bombastic personality and lack of impartiality over Brexit.


Tony Mulhearn was President of the Liverpool District Labour Party during the tumultuous years of Militant in the city.

Although his politics were wrong headed, I always had a respect for him. He stood by his principles not only whilst in power but in the years afterwards when he worked for pensioners