Jeremy Corbyn is to stay neutral on Europe if Labour is able to negotiate a new Brexit deal with the EU and put it alongside remain in a People’s Vote.

At least this long term leaver won’t campaign against it.Corbyn has always regarded Europe as a capitalist club, but its not been one of his big issues. What he really cares about is in Labour’s mind boggling manifesto just issued. Most of the Shadow Cabinet will campaign for Remain if they get the chance.

It doesn’t look as if they will. Jo Swinson has had a bad week. The Lib Dem leader’s Revoke policy was heavily criticised in Friday’s TV debate and she has exacerbated the civil war amongst Remainers by attacking Corbyn’s decision to stay neutral.It looks as if the  failure of all the Remain parties to ruthlessly work together is going to hand victory to Leavers.


Boris Johnson was not quite as bombastic on Friday but he chose the wrong tactics in Tuesday’s head to head debate with Jeremy Corbyn. Getting your prime message across is one thing, but to ignore questions from the studio audience about the NHS and trust in politics, is rude. It also shows that this Prime Minister is not as fast on his feet as he was trumped up to be.

“Get Brexit Done” is as misleading as “Take Back Control”. At the referendum the latter slogan allowed people to believe we could be ‘stand-alone’ Britain again. The reality is we live in an interdependent world. The only choice at this election is whether we stay with our European friends or go cap in hand to the Americans and Chinese for a trade deal.

Johnson’s “Get Brexit Done” slogan is equally misleading. The first audience member asked if Johnson could guarantee the phrase meant we could put the issue behind us. Of course, that is not the case. If we leave on Jan 31st, the next cliff edge will be looming the following December when the interim period expires. Then there will be years of trade talks with countries in Europe and around the world.


 The people have a clear choice, Brexit with the Tories, a referendum with Labour and the Lib Dems in a hung parliament. Harold Wilson was almost neutral in 1975 and implemented what the people voted for. Corbyn will do the same.


It is increasingly clear that we can forget a Lib Dem government’s pledge to revoke. They are sadly not getting a huge remain surge and must hope for a hung parliament. Their leader Joe Swinson has to do better than say Johnson and Corbyn are not fit for office. In a hung parliament, somebody must go into Number 10. The Lib Dems made a grave mistake entering the 2010 coalition with the Tories. They are on the left and must make arrangements on that side of the aisle.


Another interesting development this week has come from the SNP. Their justification for a second Scottish independence referendum was that Brexit had been a “material Change” following what was meant to be a once in a generation referendum in 2014.

Now when they are asked if Britain votes to stay in the EU, will the case for a second referendum go away, they say no.


If the ridiculous spending promises of the parties are to be believed, then business in the north should prepare for a great spending spree.

The Prime Minister isn’t one for detail and in any case, he can reverse a policy on the whim (Corporation tax cut). However, he did include HS2 when he was making a series of infrastructure promises in the Salford debate. We shall see.

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