Mark my words, that’s what you’ll be hearing soon from Tory MPs as Johnson bites the dust.

A detailed study has just been published on the General Election that took place two years ago.

It was a time of triumph for Boris Johnson

The man who had been Tory mayor of traditionally Labour voting London.The man who had harried the ineffective Theresa may from office, had now delivered an eighty seat majority. He was soon to get Brexit done.

All those Tories, and there were and are many,who had deep concerns about Johnson’s integrity and methods of working, had to keep their heads down in the face of the election triumph.

Now, this Christmas,two years on,the question is have they had enough? Time and again Ministers have gone on TV and Conservative MPs have gone through the lobbies to support Johnson, only to be left embarrassed when the Prime Minister does a U turn.

The lying over Partygate is truly blatant and depressing. It is the result of a Prime Minister who sends out signals that propriety does not matter.He is incapable of running a properly organised Downing Street office.

The people of North Staffordshire will tell us next week whether they care. Perhaps the voters message will be that the Prime Minister getting Brexit and Covid jabs done is sufficient against the weight of sleaze on the other side.

If Johnson should be worried, so should Sir Keir Starmer.

Not to have a 20 point lead in the polls in the face of this government’s incompetence is a serious indication that Labour is not cutting through.

A weak performance in next may’s local elections may lead to calls for the only person that I can see who is capable of leading Labour to power, Andy Burnham, to take up the biggest challenge in British politics.

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